Community Youth Connection Member Contacts

  Organization             Contact Individual           Phone


4H-OSU Extension Service

                                    Dave White                         548-6088         

American Red Cross

                                    Tamara Anderson                 382-2142

  Art Station

                                    Ingrid Lustig                        617-1317

  Bend Metro Parks & Recreation

                                    Sue Jorgenson                     389-7275

  Bend/LaPine Schools: FAN Program

                                    Brooke Frandsen                  383-6484

                                    Donna Pearson                     383-6164

                                    Pat Yaeger                         536-5967

  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon

                                    Mark Wilke                          312-6047

  Boys and Girls Club of Central Oregon

                                    Kirk Utzinger                        548-2840

                                    Mitch Minnette                      548-2840


                                    Katy Asher                         503-937-7594

                                    Kirsten Kilchenstein               503-937-7594

  Camp Fire USA

                                    Cece Valceschini                  382-4682

                                    Marilyn Warner                     382-4682

                                    Sue Hamilton                       382-4682

  Cascade Community School of Music

                                    Dillon Schneider                    317-0514

  Cascade Youth & Family

                                    Sue Barker                          382-0934

  Central Oregon Park & Recreation

                                    Mike Elam                            548-7275


                                    Lolly Tweed                        923-8900

  CLC-Bear Creek Elementary

                                    Lisa Ayers                          383-6128

  CLC-Cascade Middle School

                                    Allie Mills                            322-3428

  CLC-Sisters Middle School

                                    Willa Harrelson                     549-2099


                                    Toni Anderson                     382-9227


                                    Alysia Downs                      317-1141


                                    Tom Moore                          548-9523

  Commission on Children & Families

                                    Julie Lyche                          322-7461

                                    Scott Johnson                      385-1717

  Community Dispute Resolution

                                    Nancy Gilbertson                  383-0187

                                    Pat Minney                          383-0187

  Community Justice Department

                                    David Abramson                   385-1724

                                    Jim Smith                            385-1731

                                    Ken Mathers                        385-1738

  Commute Options

                                    Jeff Monson                        330-2647

  Creative Educational Resources

                                    Brad Tisdel                         408-0200

  Crook Deschutes ESD-WIA

                                    Mark Quinlan                        923-8927

  CYC Staff

                                    Gwenn  Levine                    388-8361

                                    Marilyn   Karnopp                  388-8361

  Deschutes Children's Foundation

                                    Jan LaChapelle                     541-388-3101

  Deschutes County Health Teen Pregnancy Prevention

                                    Kathy Christiansen                322-7400

                                    Tina Willett                          322-7400

  Girl Scouts

                                    Holly Peterson                      389-8146

  Goodwill Industries-WIA

                                    Robin Popp                          312-9073

  Grandma's House

                                    Woody Medeiros                   383-3515

  Healthy Beginnings

                                    Holly Remer                         383-6357

  Heart of Oregon Project

                                    Constance Albredt                 322-4815

  High Desert Museum

                                    Sue McWilliams                    382-4754

                                    Tracy Alexander                   382-4754

  Job Corps

                                    Judy Allstott                        389-3381

  KIDS Center

                                    Bob Smit                            383-5958

                                    Gail Schmutz                       383-5958

  LaPine Youth Diversion Services

                                    Mary Fleischmann                 541-536-5002

  M.A.D. Teen Theater

                                    Debra Fisher                       388-8369

                                    Marlis Beier MD                     389-6474

  Oregon Council for Hispanic Advancement

                                    Margie Gregory                    330-4363

  Oregon Youth Challenge

                                    David Medina                       318-1180

                                    Jon Plueard                         317-9623x250

                                    Richard Demars                    317-9623x221

                                    Sandy Jensen                      317-9623x238


                                    Katy Bryce                         388-3638

                                    Mike Riley                           388-3638

  Rimrock Academy

                                    Kristin Jarvis                       598-3045

                                    Mary Bryant                        389.3224

  School-to-Career Alliance

                                    Larry Fenili                          383-6027

  Sisters Organization for Activities & Recreation

                                    Tom Coffield                        549-2091


                                    Sue Ann Bottoms                  541-737-4653

                                    Eda Davis-Butts                    541-737-2388

  Sparrow Foundation

                                    Jeff Leeland                        549-1144 x 8307

  Sunriver Owners Association

                                    Valerie Anderson                  593-2411

  Upper Deschutes Watershed Council

                                    Colleen Cole                        312-6427

  Youth Choir of Central Oregon

                                    Sue Goodman                      385-0470

  Youth Conservation Corps-USFS

                                    Jon Stewart                        383-5576

  Youth Council-WIA

                                    Alan Albertini                       389-2140